It is a unique and effective approach to dairy nutrition, designed with cutting-edge solutions. When used as key elements in a well-managed calf nutrition program, IAN Calf Starter and Calf Builder can optimize efficiency and calf growth rates and support immunity, thus contributing to increased profit potential.

  • Calf Starter Pellet
  • Calf Builder Pellet

Today there is a need to focus on Calf nutrition, Calf health & reduction in mortality at early stage of life, Calf weight & early weaning, Calf Scour, proper gut & rumen micro flora development & that is possible with IAN Calf Nutrition Program.


Nutrition starts with complete, personalized rations for cows and heifers. Our variety of dairy cattle vitamin premixes allows industry professionals to provide animals with feed that has the potential to positively affect cow performance and add value to a producer’s bottom line.

Today the requirement of quality Premix by modern dairy animals in their diets for optimum performance is increasing. Because the dairy cows are under stress for below reasons.

  • The genetic improvement resulted in high milk yield & reproductive traits so the nutritional requirement also increased.
  • The change in environmental temperature, lack of suitable fodders, Intensive milk production & water shortage define the need of new concepts in Dairy Premix.
  • Adding to the bio-security & herd health, emergence of new diseases created thought process for designing new generation Dairy Premix.
  • Example- Frequent repeat breeders, Mastitis, Parasitic infestations, Calf mortality etc.
  • Ban of Antibiotics in diet.

Our standard dairy cattle vitamin premix offerings contain highly fortified vitamins and trace minerals. IFFCO Animal Nutrition team is ready to provide the base for your nutritional plan whether you are building complete feeds, protein supplements or mineral mixes with below range of products.

  • Calf Premix
  • Heifer Premix
  • Fresh Cow Premix
  • High Cow/Milking Premix
  • Dry Cow / Far off Premix
  • Close up Premix